Diocesan Ministries Appeal


Campaña para los Ministerios Diocesanos

One Body In Christ

1 Corinthians 12:12

The theme of this year’s Diocesan Ministries Appeal is “One Body in Christ.”
Your support and response to the Diocesan Ministries Appeal is a tangible example of how, when we share the responsibility of caring for one another, we are One Body in Christ.





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Diocesan Ministries AppealDMA

Supporting the Work of Our Church

Food Pantry
Feeding the Hungry
20,000 women, children and men served monthly
Nazareth Village
Retirement Home for Priests
Assists with retired priests’ extraordinary healthcare needs
Dept. for Persons with Disabilities
Adults with Disabilities
Group home care throughout our Diocese
Seminarian Education
Cost of Education
Financial assistance for tuition, room and board
Senior Day Programs
Activities for Older Adults
In-Home Support and Social day programs
Veteran Services
Supporting Veterans
Outreach, advocacy, andtemporary housing support

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Catholic Charities

At Catholic Charities, I believe we are opening wide our doors to Christ when those in need come to us for help. Whether it is the support for people with developmental and intellectual abilities, veteran seeking services, the family in need of food or the person with addiction hoping for a new life, we see the face of Christ and respond with love and compassion.

It is what separates us from any other social service agency. We are so grateful to all who help us by giving to the Diocesan Ministries Appeal each year!

Scott Milliken
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Seminarian Education

I am grateful for being part of this great family in the Paterson Diocese where, as a seminarian, I have been cared for and prayed for. The Diocesan Ministries Appeal has helped me receive the education and formation I have today.

Know that without your generosity, I would not have been able to enter the seminary and fulfill God’s call.

Deacon Starli Castanos
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Inner-City Education

For the past 21 years, I have been principal of St. Gerard Majella School in Paterson. Our children come from loving families who want a better life for their children. We are very proud of our graduates who have matured into wholesome women and men.

I am very grateful to all who give so generously to the Diocesan Ministries Appeal. This giving has made it possible for our school parents to realize the dreams they have for their children.

Sr. Jo-Ann Pompa
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Food Pantries

Catholic Charities food pantries are accessible in Passaic, Sussex, and Morris County. Out of all these food pantries, over 20,000 people are served monthly. To run a food pantry, there needs to be a cohesive effort and teamwork to serve food quickly and efficiently to those in need. However, Catholic Charities has designed a system that is not only efficient, but respectful.

Carlos Roldan, the food pantry director for Catholic Charities, has created an effective system for all three locations. Roldan says he wants to make the pantries as welcoming as possible.

Carlos Roldan
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Veteran Services

A soldier’s sacrifice comes not only during war, but after they return home. Many veterans face mental health problems after their service, and do not have a means of fixing it. Others cannot find or afford housing and end up homeless.

Assistant director of Veteran Services, David Pearson, specializes in providing housing and personal case management to veterans who are struggling. This includes those that are currently homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless. “We provide job searches and disperse money for housing if needed,” Pearson explained.

David Pearson
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Priest Health Care

Nazareth Village is the home for retired priests of our Paterson Diocese. Though retired from active parish life, we continue to serve wherever and whenever possible.

We are always grateful to God for His Call, for our priesthood in the Diocese of Paterson and to all the faithful who care and support us that we may continue our priestly ministry and live in dignity.

Father Lancelot Reis

We Help Change Lives

The 2021 Diocesan Ministries Appeal funded these important ministries and programs:

  • Catholic Charities

    Catholic Charities $1,030,000

  • Seminarian Education

    Seminarian Education $1,019,301

  • Nazareth Village/Priest Healthcare

    Nazareth Village/Priest Healthcare $970,000

  • Inner-City Area Catholic Education

    Inner-City Area Catholic Education $422,000

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