Diocesan Ministries Appeal 2023

My Name is Michael

"What God has put me through was preparing me to help others."

In the early 1970's, Paterson born Michael Jackson's career as a relief pitcher in baseball was a dream come true. But as he suffered a series of setbacks, his earlier alcohol and drug use increased and his brief baseball career ended when the Cleveland Indians let him go in 1974.

After years of addiction, he mounted a personal comeback in 1986 by entering Straight and Narrow, our Catholic Charities program committed to substance-abuse recovery. Since then, he has been drug and alcohol free.

Michael has since become a certified, licensed counselor and is currently helping clients going through treatment at Straight and Narrow. His courage, determination and faith now encourage and inspire others.

"When I interact with clients, I get bursts of energy. I'm proof that you're never too old to change."

Straight and Narrow and all our Catholic Charities ministries are enhanced with your support of the Diocesan Ministries Appeal. Lives are transformed through your generosity!